The Technology

We make it easy for oral surgeons and dentists to get the best results for their patients.
We use the newest and coolest gadgets and software to make sure our Surgical Guides are perfect every time. 
When you work with us, you get a team that’s all about precision and making your job easier.


Straumann's planning, design, and collaboration software represents a paradigm shift for implant clinicians seeking precision and excellence. It integrates seamlessly with your clinical workflow, offering intuitive tools for patient-specific implant planning and design.

3D Printer P50+

Leveraging the innovation of 3D printing, we've unlocked a world of precision and efficiency for implant clinicians. This automated marvel ensures each case meets exacting standards with consistency.  Our printers utilize FDA-approved clear surgical guide resin

3Shape Scanning Technology

We seamlessly integrate with 3Shape scanning (and all other major IOS) technology, providing implant clinicians with unmatched precision and ease in creating surgical guides. This synergy enables seamless transfer of data and highest overall accuracy

M Series Mill

The Straumann® M series is a single system that can leverage your digital guide design with full, streamlined, digital integration. Our techs can take your guide plan and pre-fabricate healing abutments and temporary crowns to fit your patients' needs.  This lets us craft unmatched tissue healing and best emergence profile with the least trauma.

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