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Provide top-tier care for more patients in less time
We go beyond just products, we offer personalized consultative services by dentists, for dentists, ensuring every case you undertake is met with unmatched precision and expertise.


We offer cutting-edge, precise surgical guides for implant surgeons, providing both full service and à la carte options. Enhance your practice's efficiency and accuracy, ensuring optimal patient outcomes. Choose comprehensive support or select individual services tailored to your needs.


The TEMPS collection, featuring Crown, CHA, and Quick Temps, offers implant surgeons unparalleled precision in temporary restorative solutions. Each tailored to facilitate a unique aspect of the implant procedure, they ensure optimal fit and aesthetic, reducing chair time while maximizing patient satisfaction and outcomes.


For implant surgeons seeking precision and efficiency, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for full-arch restorations, including fixed, removable, and hybrid all-on-four options. Utilizing stackable guides and prefabricated transitional templates, our system ensures accurate implant placement, optimizing outcomes for both patients and professionals.

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