Types of Temps

Crown Temp

Our precision-engineered Crown Temp is designed for optimal fit and aesthetics, providing your patients with a seamless, temporary crown solution during the implant integration period.

(Custom Healing Abutment)

Custom-fabricated to match patient-specific gingival anatomy, it promotes ideal soft tissue healing and prepares the site for a more natural-looking final restoration.

Quick Temp

Ideal for immediate application, it offers a fast, reliable temporary restoration solution. This easy-to-apply temp allows for excellent aesthetic results, ensuring patient satisfaction during the interim phase before the final prosthesis is ready.

Offer Details

Soft tissue healing is critical to the success of your implants.  To facilitate this, we leverage the latest in digital dental design technology to bring you a spectrum of options.

For the highest precision and accuracy, we can pre-fabricate full temp crowns on engaging ti-bases.

Or, for more surgical flexibility, we can pre-fabricate custom healing abutments.

We also have "in-between" options -- call to ask what works best for you!


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