3D Printed Mouthguards, Nightguards & Splints with Keysplint Soft®

January 1, 2024

Here at Reveal Surgical Guides, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of dental technology and ensuring our community of dental professionals has access to the best of what the industry has to offer.

Recently, the game has been significantly leveled up with the introduction of a revolutionary material: Keysplint Soft®, now fully approved by the FDA.

Why 3D Printing?

3D printing allows us to dramatically improve accuracy and comfort, outstripping the limitations of traditional analog processes.

What's Special About Keysplint Soft®?

Keysplint Soft® stands out because of its biocompatible properties and excellent mechanical characteristics. It's incredibly robust, resisting wear and tear but maintains flexibility and isn't brittle.

This balance between strength and elasticity gives your patients superior comfort when using mouthguards, nightguards, and splints.

High Precision, High Maintenance?

Absolutely not! Keysplint Soft® products are highly precise, providing an almost customized fit. But their maintenance isn't tedious. These 3D printed oral accessories can be easily cleaned and maintained by the patients themselves, reducing potential complaints about maintenance routines.

Added to that, its ‘elastic memory’ ensures lasting comfort while in use.

Perhaps one of the most revolutionary aspects is the ability to digitally store the design for a low-cost replication. This capability simplifies the process of replacement or replication of dental devices for both patients and dentists.

Real Experience

We know that sometimes it's the practical experiences that truly count. Let's see what some practicing professionals have to say about their experience:

“KeySplint Soft offers unmatched durability and patient comfort. Combine that with the faster turnaround and easy replacement for night guard/splint fabrication, and you’ve got a solution that will have doctors wondering how they ever managed to practice without it.”  Dr. Brandon Owen, Owen Orthodontics Llc, Fort Collins, Co

“KeySplint Soft’s unique thermoplastic features allow me to design guards that are snug but the patient loves the comfortable feel.” Michael D Scherer, Dmd, Ms, Apc & Melissa D Shotell, Dmd.

For more details on implementing 3D printed oral appliances into your practice, reach out to us at Reveal Surgical Guides. We are just a call (415-837-5990 Ext. 2) or email (info@revealguides.com) away.

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